6 Months
Console Management Tool
Highly Interactive HTML/AJAX
Web Service Integration
Database, Web Application, & UI


6 weeks
HTML5 application (education)
iPad to HTML5 port
Highly polished HTML5 interface
Featured in Chrome Web Store


"In the advertising industry, ideas and concepts evolve so quickly that you need a v1.0 product that looks like a 3.0 version. N2N-Apps just did that within 6 months."

Pascal Bensoussan,
Chief Strategy Officer


HTML5 Optimized & HTML4 Compatible

Our strong expertise in HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, and javascript is allowing us to build application that are HTML5 optimized and HTML4 compatible.

  • Best of HTML5 with HTML4 support
  • Rich User Experience on Web, Tablet, and Mobile
  • Client Driven interface (AJAX) & SEO

Web, Mobile, Tablets, and Native

N2N-Apps has a unique expertise to build fully cross-device and cross-platform applications (i.e. Web, Mobile, & Native) with the HTML5/HTML technology allowing you to maximize distribution opportunities while minimizing production cost.

  • Same code base or Web, Mobile, and Native
  • Web and touch optimized user-experience
  • Modernize PC-Web with Tablets/iPad Interface

Enterprise & Cloud ready

Our strong expertise in enterprise technologies such as Java, Databases, and Web services allows us to build highly scalable and portable applications for on-premises or cloud deployment.

  • Highly flexible and scalable Java Server architecture
  • Web service integration, and API ready service
  • Cloud portable (Amazon or on-premises)

Quality & Speed

N2N-Apps is obsessively focused on Quality and Speed of delivery. Our highly skilled team, agile process, modern technology, and best practices are carefully designed to maximize quality and speed while minimizing risk.

  • Agile Development process
  • Flexible engagement (stop/go on a day's notice)
  • Internal-team transition and training


N2NApps focuses on Quality and Speed of delivery.

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