N2N-Apps is a software consulting company, located in San Francisco, focusing on building next generation of Web, Mobile, and tablets/iPad, application with HTML5 technology (& HTML/AJAX for older browsers).

N2-Apps provides a state of the art process allowing businesses to just focus on the business product requirements and timeline. N2N-Apps highly skilled team, agile process, modern technology, and best practices are carefully designed to maximize quality and speed while minimizing risk.

The company was funded in 2010 by Jeremy Chone whom, after 11 years of engineering and management experience from Netscape, Oracle, and Adobe, decided to share his expertise with businesses to build high-quality Web and Mobile applications. Jeremy Chone's experience brings a 360 view from modern Web and Mobile application architecture and design, from data model to Web to rich user experience.

N2N-Apps focuses on quality and speed of delivery.

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+1 415 699 9912